Tuna Melt

Feeds: 2


  • 400g Tuna (Can use canned as well)

  • 1 cup mayo (kewpie ideally)

  • 1/3 cup dill

  • 1/3 cup parsley

  • 1/3 cup spring onion

  • 2 pieces of thick white bread

  • Salt and Pepper

  • 1 avocado

  • 1 tomato

  • 4 slices bacon

  • 1/3 cup flour

  • I pack of cress


With all this sunshine it had us longing for the beach and some seafood so tried our hand at a Tuna melt. Yellow fin tuna in a dill , spring onion mayo topped with tomato , avocado , bacon and melted cheese. Don’t be stingy on the mayo we can be healthy tomorrow. Slut up to the max by spreading mayo on the top of bread and frying each side until golden


  1. Cut your tuna into equal size chunks about 4 cm and throw into a steamer for about 5 minutes until cooked - will look grey and not that interesting.

  2. Chop up your dill, parsley and spring onion very finely and put into the mixing bowl with about a cup of mayo.

  3. Once your tuna is cooked let cool for a bit - then take a fork and mash up until flaky. You kind of want it to look like tinned tuna. Add to the mixing bowl and mix everything together.

  4. Add salt and pepper + extra mayo if it is a bit dry.

  5. Flour your bacon on either side and put in the oven for about 10 minutes until crispy. Put on a tray so it is raised and you will not need to turn. Your bacon will be incredible.

  6. Take two pieces of bread and toast for a few minutes on one side until golden. This cooked side will be the insides of your sandwich with the uncooked part of the bread being the outsides.

  7. You are not ready to build your sandwich.

  8. Add layer of Tuna followed by tomatoes then slices of cheese then avocado then bacon.

  9. Get saucepan hot and then spread mayo over slice of uncooked bread.

  10. Cook the bread mayo side down then spread mayo on the other piece of bread (the side which is not in the pan)

  11. Once one side is golden flip and then cook the other side until golden.

  12. Take the lid off the (the side not with tuna on) and put in your cress for that added crunch.

  13. Enjoy!

"Remember there is no dish that adding bacon does not improve"

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