Slutty Chicken Kiev

Feeds: 2


  • 800g Maris Piper Potatoes

  • 2 Chicken Breasts

  • 1 bulb of Garlic 

  • Bunch of Flat Parsley

  • 200g Butter

  • 80g Mozzarella Cheese

  • Packet of Panko Breadcrumbs

  • 2 eggs beaten

  • 100g Plain flour

  • Oil for Deep Frying

  • Salt & Pepper


A slutty version of the chicken kiev by @bboxfood. How can you slut up the already quite slutty chicken kiev? By adding cheese into the mixture. We start by roasting a whole garlic bulb before mixing with butter and parsley and stuffing it in your breast with your mozzarella. We then coat in Panko breadcrumbs (our fave) and deep fry. Not the simplest of dishes but worth it for the money shot at the end.

Slut it up to the max by mixing a bit of the garlic butter into some mayo for an amazing dip


  1. Start by getting the chips going, cut into equal (ish) size and shape, I cut the rounded edges off so I can get even oblong squared off chips

  2. Get a pan of salted water on a rolling boil and boil the chips for 15 mins

  3. Strain off the water and place onto a tray before freezing, this draws out moisture and makes for crispy chips

  4. Next Roast the whole bulb of garlic in an oven at 150c for approx. 40 mins then squeeze out the flesh into a bowl

  5. Melt the butter in a pan on a low heat then add to the roasted garlic pulp with chopped flat parsley stir well and cool in a fridge

  6. To assemble the kiev butterfly the breast so it can be rolled back together without any holes

  7. In the centre of the chicken add some garlic butter and slices of mozzarella, it’s important to not over fill the kiev, the remaining butter we’ll heat and pour over the kiev anyway.

  8. The mozzarella should act as an extra barrier to seal the butter in, roll the kiev tightly wrapped tightly in cling film and put in the freezer for at least 1 hour

  9. Second stage for the chips is a first fry at 130c in the oil, for approx. 8 mins then remove from the oil and place onto kitchen towel ready for a final fry

  10. To bread the kiev roll first in flour then egg, repeat this process and then finally the panko breadcrumbs.

  11. Heat the oil to 170c and fry the kievs carefully for 8-10 until they have a good crisp coating finish these in an oven at 200c for another 15-20 mins, if you have a temp probe its worth just checking the centre is above 65c before serving.

  12. For the chips final fry heat the oil to 180c and fry until crispy and a deep golden brown.

  13. Heat the remaining butter just before serving to pour over the kiev.

  14. For an extra slutty touch mix a bit of the garlic butter into some mayo for an amazing dip

Recipe Credit

Thom Bateman

"Remember there is no dish that adding bacon does not improve"

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