Prawn Toast

Feeds: 6


  • 500g peeled raw prawns

  • 1Tsp garlic

  • 1tsp ginger

  • 1tsp of sesame oil

  • 1tsp fish sauce

  • 1 egg

  • 10 slices bread (avg 50g per slice)


Last week you may have seen that he had a little bit of a trip away. On the last night our friend and chef @nickstuart1 cooked us up a bit of a storm. This was one of our plates - Leek and comte stuffed brioche, prawn toast and a cucumber cocktail and tuna and gooseberry tartlets.

Prawn toast is absolutely delicious and an absolute given when you're getting it in (at your local Chinese takeaway). Everyone loves fried bread but like most of the things that are worth enjoying in life there does seem to be a certain taboo around it. We'll have none of that here however. So stand tall and be proud to love cheap white bread (no nutrients) that's been dropped in a deep fat fryer until saturated with fat. This is a sourdough free zone friends.

Recipe for the prawn toast on the website if you would like the others let us know!


  1. Cut your bread up into triangles or fingers and leave to dry out a bit

  2. Spread prawn layer over the bread (it should hold on the bread)

  3. Dip in sesame seeds

  4. Deep fry at 180 degrees C until golden brown on both sides

  5. SLUT IT UP Take the whole piece of white bread, carry out same process but deep fry the whole thing together so you've got one mega prawn toast and then smother in prawn cocktail

  6. *Prawn cocktail, just buy some cooked prawns mix with Marie rose sauce and finely sliced cucumber
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