Eggslut Breakfast Sandwich

Feeds: 1


  • 2 eggs

  • 1 slice cheddar

  • 1/2 avocado

  • 2/3 slices on bacon

  • 1/4 cup flour (enough to dust bacon)

  • A Handful of chopped chives

  • 1 Brioche roll

  • 1 onion

  • 30g butter (for eggs and onions)

  • 1 tbsp mayo

  • 1 tbsp sirarcha


Today we visited @eggslut who have just opened their second store off Tottenham court road. They are famous like us for being sluts of the egg variety and have mulitple restaurants in the US. Their most famous sandwich "The Fairfax" - slow cooked eggs, chives, caramalised onions , melted cheese , sriracha mayo all between a brioche bun. Here is our attempt at a foodslut replica (with of course added bacon) cause "Remember there is no dish that adding bacon won't improve".

Slut it up to the max by flouring the bacon and cooking for extra crispy crunch.


  • Chop your onion into slices and then put a pan onto a medium heat.

  • Mix your mayo with your siracha - this will be your sauce.

  • Add the onions into the pan along with some butter - cook stirring often until caramalized and soft - this will take about 45 minutes.

  • Take your bacon and dip in flour on either side until lightly dusted - put on a tray and then put in your oven at 200 C.

  • The flour will make your bacons super crispy and make it shrink less

  • Take your eggs and beat them and add some seasoning.

  • Take your non stick pan which is on very low heat - and add a knob of butter.

  • Add your eggs and cook very low and slow - you want to be stirring as it starts to cook - you have to be patient.

  • In another pan on a high heat take your brioche roll and toast your buns.

  • Once the eggs are nearly done add your chopped up chives.

  • Take your bun and add siracha mayo until covered

  • Add your sliced avocado

  • Add your eggs - which should be cooked perfectly (low and slow)

  • In a hot pan but a slice of cheddar in a non stick pan until just melting then tip over the eggs.

  • Add caramalized onions and bacon

  • Top bun and enjoy
"Remember there is no dish that adding bacon does not improve"

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