Brisket - Easiest Low and Slow Brisket

Feeds: 10


  • Brisket (this was 7.2kg)

  • 2 Cups Beef Broth 

  • 1/2 Cup Kosher Salt

  • 1/2 Cup fresh pepper 


  • Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt (Maldon in the UK) (I strongly advise to use this salt. It’s what chef’s use. It’s affordable and it’s just amazing. It really does make a difference)

  • Fresh Pepper 


Super easy (well I say super easy it does take 9 hours) low and slow brisket from Canadian FoodSlut Tommy Campbell. Enough meat here to feed an army , trim the fat , inject the meat with beef stock then smoke that baby until she hits temperature. If he qualified to win the comp then this would take some beating!

Watch how he made on our website.


  1. Get that brisket out of the fridge. It’ll give it a chance to warm up a little while you get the rest going. 

  2. Bring your smoker to temp so it can stabilize. I use a Kamado Joe Classic III here. You’re shooting for 220-230 degrees. 

  3. Boil and cool Beef Broth or just open a carton. Whatever works just make sure it’s cold before proceeding. 

  4. Using a boning or a fish filet knife, trim the fat from your brisket to 1/4”. 

  5. Inject beef broth into brisket going with the grain from each side. 

  6. Using a shaker, liberally coat the the brisket in the dry rub mixture. Do not try this without a shaker. If you don’t have one. Empty another spice container and improvise. 

  7. Insert a leave-in thermometer and set it for 160. I use a MEATER+, catch my in-depth review of this device here 

  8. Place on smoker with a drip pan to catch the fat. I am using a Kamado Joe Classic 3. As shown in the video I use a rib rack to drape the brisket over as it’s MASSIVE. 

  9. Your brisket hit 160! Awesome. This took me five hours. Remove rib rack as the brisket has contracted. Time to foil tightly and return to smoker until it hits just over 200. Most pit-masters aim for 203-205.

  10.  Remove and FTC. Just add a little more foil likely because you puncture it to test with a probe or toothpick. Now wrap it on your wife’s favorite towel and place in a large cooler for a few hours. Minimum two. No peeking.  My brisket hit 209 after nine hours (four in foil) and it was perfect. Don’t sweat it. It will be epic. 

For this 16lb brisket (13lbs trimmed) 

5 hours indirect

4 hours foiled.

4 hours in cooler 

Recipe Credit

Tommy Campbell
"Remember there is no dish that adding bacon does not improve"

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