Deep Fried Lager Battered Chili Garlic Squid

Feeds: 2

  • Box of frozen Calamari (thawed) 

  • Bunch of scallions

  •  4 Cloves of garlic

  •  2 Thai Red Chilli Short

  • can of Lager

  • 1 Small/Medium Egg

  • 1/2 Cup Potato Starch or Corn Flour

  • 2 Tsp White Pepper

  • 2 Thai Red Chilli Diamond Crystal Salt 


Deep fried lager battered garlic chilli squid. For us sluts this is a little light starter , or maybe a bar snack. For mere mortals it could be served as a square meal. Slut it up to the max by serving with a garlic aioli.


  1. If you’ve never prepped whole calamari, you’re missing out on some seriously rewarding fingering. After a cold shower take your gutted squid, lightly score and slice it and set in a can of lager with a cracked egg. 

  2. Mix the potato starch (holy f*ck this is gluten free) with five spice, white pepper ,chili powder and salt. 

  3. Drain the squid and toss in the dry mix and let sit while you…

  4. Slice Thai chili, garlic and scallions and get them in the fryer till golden then set aside on paper towel.

  5. Deep fry squid in batches - cooks in one minute. Yes, squid cooks fast! Don’t get cocky, if you fill the fryer too much it will stick together. 

  6. Build fried squid over rice and top with the fried garlic chili onion goodness and a drizzle
"Remember there is no dish that adding bacon does not improve"

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